lead brand ambassador



sept 2019 - present




raise your hand if you've had a difficult experience learning how to use prototyping tools. yes, raise 'em high. as a design student myself, i understand that choosing between different platforms is already hard enough but learning how to use these platforms? it can be even more overwhelming and intimidating. as a proud brand ambassador and active adobe xd user, my goal is to break the skill barrier for design by reducing the steep learning curve.


i began dabbling with adobe xd when i entered a fun creative club network competition spring 2018. I've tried out other tools but was immediately impressed by how beginner friendly the application is (huge shoutout to the “repeat grid” and “auto-animate” features as well as the free plugins for making prototyping even faster). Now, I use it religiously!

" shouldn't these design-centered     

   tools be designed intuitively? "                          

" that looks hard. i could never be

   a designer." 


timeline: 2 weeks 

case study workshop


As the workshop lead, I co-taught a workshop on how to build a case study since it was highly requested after our initial workshop where we taught students the basic terminology and a few cool features that adobe has to offer such as (responsive, resize, drag carousel slider, overlays) by prototyping a coffee shop app called "Rise and Shine" from scratch.  


Considering that it is prime recruiting season, many design interested students are pressed with time to showcase their work. However, many of the attendees are freshman and sophomores who have not take upper division HCI classes so are not familiar with how to frame one in the first place.  

Our main goal was to not only showcase why adobe xd is a great platform for prototyping by demonstrating the capabilities like voice feedback, speech playback, and auto-animation but to also turn this into a digestible and compressed lesson on how to conduct a case study to tackle real-life challenges that my co-lead Tiffany and I are passionate about: Redesigning Uber for Accessibility. 

in case ya missed it, feel free to play with the Xd file. Don't worry all of the instructions are there :-) 

creative adobe xd challenge


ui/ux designer


3 days




vanessa wong

design prompt 

identify a specific pet need and help pet owners find the community to support them in a new situation or city.


when it comes to pet care, pet owners often seek online resources or recommendations from their friends and family but googling can often lead down to a distressful rabbit hole.


petpal serves as a fun, resourceful, straight-to-the-point, and communication-driven platform that fosters a community of pet parents who aim to help each other become greater pet parents! petpal enables pet owners and pets to spend more quality time with each other and to socialize with other local pet owners and their pets through playdates and official events such as Corgi Con! A dog may be a man's best friend--but it wouldn't hurt to help your a pal, make a pal.   

petpal was qualified for the adobe cnn creative jam final rounds against 50 teams from 17 colleges nationwide. Our design solution was also recognized by an Adobe Marketing Manager to compete for the adobe’s 2019 design achievement awards.

last notes -- adobe's intuitive technology speaks for itself but the community and personable experiences that adobe has formed through fun design competitions, engaging speaker events, demo videos, and etc. make the biggest difference.