how can we transform the logistics industry with AI?

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The future of the last mile.

With the innovative Cargo Recognition and Organization System (CoROS), Mercedes-Benz Vans transforms the cargo space of its vehicles using Computer Vision and artificial intelligence.


CoROS standardizes and optimizes the labour-intensive processes of the last mile and creates transparency regarding the current location of individual packages – from the Distribution Center to the recipient's doorstep.

Product at a Glance


Meet John. 

He's a Delivery Driver that has been working for just about 2 years now. Alike to the other drivers, his morning starts off with him rolling up at the distribution center 8:00 am sharp. His senior, Rick, has already loaded a majority of the packages into his van before his arrival. John has roughly ~20 minutes to and organize his packages on the shelves and plan his day. 

As you can imagine, it is absolute chaos in the morning because all vans must leave by 8:30 am to ensure that all priority packages are delivered by 10:30 am as promised. With recent trends in consumer behavior, there is an increasing expectation for fast deliveries. 

100-150 Packages 

Prior to leaving the station, his manager, Sally, provides him with a list called the "Manifest" which essentially tells him the exact order that he needs to deliver the packages by.


John arrives at his first destination, 123 Locust Street. It appears that he has 2 packages to deliver for this stop. the  


He opens the door and his van is filled to the brim! There’s barely any room for him to even make his way in.