using computer vision to improve your golf swing


ui/ux designer


3 months


figma, sketch


brody higby, martin magsombol


cogs 120 final project


athletic ability generally allows you to excel at most sports but this isn’t the exact case with golf. golf isn’t about being the quickest on your feet, being the strongest, nor is it having the most endurance--its about skill and calculated techniques.

learning how to play golf can be quite difficult and expensive (hence, the common phrase “a rich man’s sport”) but finding a compatible coach doesn’t have to be. one of the biggest challenges that inhibit golfers from improving their swing is understanding and identifying areas that they need to work on. using computer vision, swinggo acts as a convenient and inexpensive virtual coach by providing immediate and personalized vocal feedback based on the data points of your swing which means the faster you receive feedback, the faster you can start practicing efficiently!

give it a swing!

core features

01 real-time feedback 

the instantaneous vocal feature mimics the experience of receiving personable and direct advice from a coach while the textual transcription allows users to process the information.

02 motion detection

with pose summation, the front-facing camera of your device detects, tracks, and analyzes the angles and movement of your swing to ensure accurate feedback.

03 progress tracker

once your data accumulates, swinggo visualizes your growth over time and estimates your handicap (a numerical measure of a Golfer’s potential ability).


overcoming financial barriers

identifying and correcting mistakes

finding a compatible coach


user testing